Magic Eden User Guide (Inscription)

Why Choose Magic Eden

Magic Eden is an NFT marketplace built on Solana, now supporting NFT transactions on BTC, making it a popular choice among users. Artists can seamlessly and swiftly create BTC Ordinals on the platform. This allows artists to directly transform their works into BTC Ordinals and promptly list them for sale on the platform.

How to Use Magic Eden

  1. Open TokenPocket, tap on the 'Discover' menu at the bottom. In the details interface, you can enter 'Magic Eden' in the address bar for searching and opening. Once opened, click on the top-right menu in the DApp, and after bookmarking, it will be added to the Discover interface for convenient and quick access in the future.

  1. After opening Magic Eden, click on the top-right 'Connect Wallet' button, choose the 'Bitcoin' blockchain, and click on the 'TokenPocket' method to connect the wallet.

  1. During the wallet connection process, you need to perform the 'Sign In' login operation. After entering the password normally, you can complete the sign-in process without incurring any on-chain gas fees.

  1. After the wallet connection is complete, the menu bars are located in the top-left and top-right corners of the interface. Click on the menu in the top-right corner, where you can view held tokens in the wallet address, personal address settings, collections, wallet information, Magic Eden VIP, and other details. You can choose based on your individual preferences.

Click on the top-left corner of the Magic Eden interface. In the 'Mint' menu, you can choose 'Inscribe' for the engraving or casting of inscriptions or BRC20 tokens, as well as issuance or transfer. Only items marked with BTC in the menu can be utilized.

  1. Within the Magic Eden marketplace interface, you can choose transactions under 'Collectibles' and 'Rare Sats.' For example, clicking on the top-ranked NFT collection, selecting any NFT within the collection, and clicking on 'Buy Now' will take you to the purchase interface. After verifying the information, proceed to make the payment to complete the purchase.

  1. Rare Sats represent rare Satoshis on BTC. You can click on 'My items' to list the assets you own for trading.

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