How to use BTC Acceleration

1.Open the BTC wallet in TokenPocket, click on the BTC token to view the transaction list. In the list, you may find a transaction with the status 'Submitted, pending block confirmation.' This is often due to insufficient Gas (transaction fee), resulting in a pending status on the blockchain.

2.In the transaction details interface, you can also see the pending confirmation status. Click on the 'Transaction Acceleration' at the bottom of the interface to navigate to the acceleration page. On this page, you can find relevant data for the transaction hash. Multiple stablecoins from various public chains are supported as payment methods. Simply pay the displayed acceleration fee to proceed. Please ensure that the payment matches the indicated fee.

After confirming the data, click 'Pay Now.' You will be redirected to the wallet selection and payment interface. Proceed with the payment as usual. After payment, please be patient as acceleration does not immediately result in packing and completion. It takes some time, so kindly wait patiently.

3.If you are a TP Wallet user and there is no acceleration entry in the transaction details, you need to copy the hash value that needs acceleration to the main interface of TP Wallet. Click on the top-right 'Transaction Acceleration,' open it, fill in the hash value in the address bar at the top, and click on 'Query.'

4.Enter the correct hash value for the query. You will see the displayed data information, payment method, required fee, etc. Click 'Pay Now' and use the imported address in the wallet to make the acceleration fee payment. If the entered hash value is incorrect, you will see a prompt saying 'Transaction does not exist.

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