Exchange of assets between the EOS mainnet and EOS-EVM


EOS EVM serves as a bridge between the EOS and Ethereum ecosystems, allowing developers to deploy various Solidity-based smart contracts and innovative dApps on the EOS network. This enables them to leverage the world-class performance and low gas fees of EOS, connecting the EOS ecosystem with the Ethereum ecosystem. Developers can utilize Ethereum's proven open-source code, tools, libraries, and SDKs, while taking advantage of EOS's exceptional performance to create a seamless multi-chain Web3 experience.

Exchange Tutorial

  1. Open the EOS wallet on TokenPocket and click on the "Swap" function to enter the exchange interface. Click on the specified location in the image to choose the type of token you want to exchange and receive.

2、Choose the EOS-EVM public chain and EOS token. In Transit, multiple public chains and tokens are supported for exchange, and you can slide the public chain list to make your selection. Since it is a cross-chain exchange operation, you can fill in your own receiving address in the receiving address bar or click on the right to choose an address already imported into the wallet. Please do not use the exchange's address as the receiving address.

3、In the wallet list, select the address to receive the tokens, set the amount to be transferred, and please note that the minimum quantity for the current EOS token exchange is 23. After confirming the information, click on "Confirm"

4、After verifying the information on the transaction details page, click "Confirm," enter the password to sign, and execute the on-chain exchange operation. After a few minutes, the exchanged tokens can be viewed in the wallet receiving address on the EOS-EVM chain. The entire process is very convenient and fast.

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