Using energy, lower costs

TokenPocket now supports an integrated energy rental series solution.

Transfer automatic energy rental method:

TokenPocket has integrated the optional use of energy rental feature for transfers, greatly reducing TRX consumption for users. The process is fully automated, simply select the option to use the feature, and the rental and on-chain operations will be completed automatically.

USDT Payment Method:

The USDT payment method completely solves the problem for users who do not have TRX but need to transfer USDT tokens. By using the USDT payment feature, users automatically acquire energy for on-chain transactions and can also receive a refund of 20 TRX.

DApp Energy Payment Method:

In daily DApp operations, such as permission clearing and token exchanges, there is often a need for more TRX consumption. TokenPocket innovatively integrates energy payment functionality into DApp execution. This allows for automatic acquisition of corresponding energy based on the operation being executed, followed by on-chain execution, ultimately saving a significant amount of TRX consumption. This results in a better user experience in terms of usability, security, and execution efficiency.

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