How to use Watch Wallet and Cold Wallet?

What is Watch Wallet?

Watch Wallet is mainly used to observe the assets of the target wallet, it can also complete the transfer operation by communicatings with Cold Wallet.

What is Cold Wallet?

Cold Wallet is also called "offline wallet", it communicates with Watch Wallet through QR Code, keys never connect to the net, which can effectively prevent hackers from stealing.

Why Watch Wallet can’t finish the transfer operation?

*Watch Wallet is essentially a blockchain explorer that observes the assets of a specific address.

Users can have a convenient experience by entering the public key or wallet address. You can view the assets and transfer records of the Watch Wallet.

We will use the password and private key to complete the operations like transfer or trade when we create/import the wallet. Thus Watch Wallet cannot directly perform on-chain operations such as transfers. If you need to transfer, you can import the private key or secret recovery phrase into the wallet or use it with a cold wallet for approval.

How to import Watch Wallet?

  1. Click [+], click [Import wallet], choose [Watch Wallet];

2. Enter the public key or wallet address, click [Import wallet]. At this point, you have imported the Watch Wallet successfully.

Tips: To distinguish the Watch Wallet, we will display the gray assets interface. You can distinguish the Watch Wallet quickly when consulting or solving problems.

How to use Watch Wallet by communicating with Cold Wallet for transfer?

Click [Transfer], enter the receiving address and transfer amount, click [Confirm], click [Confirm Payment]. Since the Watch Wallet transfer needs to use the corresponding Cold Wallet scan the QR Code, you need to scan with your Cold Wallet.

What to do if you don’t have a cold wallet to scan the code?

Method 1: Import Cold Wallet.

Click [Import Wallet], click [Cold Wallet], you can import by entering secret recovery phrase or private key. After you imported successfully, you can click [Scan to sign] to sign in Watch Wallet to transfer.

Attention: Please use the cold wallet offline.

Method 2: Import your wallet through secret recovery phrase and complete your transfer operation.

Chrome Extension Wallet Guide

TokenPocket Chrome Extension:

How to import Watch Wallet?

  1. Click the upper right corner to access to the account setting page, click [Import Wallet].

  1. Select [Watch Wallet], enter the watch wallet you want, and click [Import].

How to use Chrome Watch Wallet by communicating with Mobile Cold Wallet for transfer?

Execute a transfer operation by clicking the [Send] button, confirm the transaction details then click [Next] and [Confirm]. There will be a pop-up window to inform you to scan by cold wallet and sign. You need to use your cold wallet to scan it and sign the transaction.

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