How to import a MultiSig Wallet?

A multi-signature wallet, as the name suggests, is a wallet that requires multiple people to sign to perform an operation. Transferring with a multi-signature wallet often requires >= 1 person to sign and send the transaction before the operation can be completed. When using a multi-signature wallet, we can specify the signature mode of M/N, that is, only M signatures among N persons can complete the operation. For example, the 2/3 signature mode means that two of the three people can sign.

The multi-signature of ETH/ERC20 (including EVM chains such as BSC/BEP20) adopts a lightweight smart contract method.

Applicable scenes:

1、When managing assets by multiple people to avoid assets being misappropriated by individuals;

2、Multiple encryptions of assets through multi-signature to enhance asset security;

3、Other security application scenarios.

Import a MultiSig Wallet

  1. Click the icon on the upper right corner and click [MultiSig Wallet].

2. Click [Import MultiSig Wallet], and choose network.

2. You need to input or paste your multisig wallet's address and it will automatically identify the public chain you've created, the minimum number of required signatures, and owners. It's just as easy to use as a watch wallet, or even as a watch wallet.

Then, click [Confirm]. You have successfully import MultiSig Wallet.

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