FON Smart Chain Use Guide

How to add FON Smart Chain in TokenPocket?

1、Open TokenPocket, click Add Wallet in the top right corner and click 【Add Custom Network】.

2. Open the custom network interface, and click 【Easy Add】 in the upper right corner, TokenPocket will list the popular public chains, and you can easily search for the public chains you need to add through this entrance.

Fill in 【fon】 in the search bar, and you can see the search results below, click it and be ready to add FON Smart Chain.

3. Double-check the information and click “Save” in the right corner to add it successfully. Go back to the “Select Network” interface and pull down to the bottom to see the FON Mainnet.

4. Click on the FON Mainnet, and you can choose “Create” or “Import” to use the FON wallet.

5、After adding the FON Smart Chain, click 【Details】, and select 【Wallet Sync】to select the wallet you want to sync.

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