EOS Use Guide

The Android version of TokenPocket supports the EOS public chain by default, while the iOS version currently does not support it.

  1. Open TokenPocket, tap on the first icon in the top right corner labeled "Add Wallet", then search for "EOS" in the list.

  1. Click on the EOS public chain, select 【Create Wallet】, and choose 【Transfer Creation】 as the creation method.

  1. The transfer creation method is a contract-based approach to create an EOS account. It only requires transferring funds from an exchange or EOS wallet to create the EOS account. There are three essential elements to consider: first, transfer a quantity of 2 EOS; second, ensure the accuracy of the recipient account; third, the transfer memo must be correctly filled out.

For instance, if using Binance exchange's withdrawal (transfer) function, after providing the required details, once the withdrawal is completed and received, click on the "Activate Account" button on the interface.

  1. Upon seeing the prompt "Wallet Creation Successful," it indicates that the EOS account creation was successful. It's important to note that creating an EOS account doesn't necessarily require 2 EOS because any excess EOS is automatically converted into RAM. If you wish to sell it, you can do so by clicking on "Resources" > "RAM" > "Sell." However, ensure to leave some RAM balance before proceeding with the sale.

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