How to use AA Wallet

  1. Open your TokenPocket AA Wallet, we’ve transferred 1 USDT for test in this situation. Click USDT to execute the transfer operation, and enter the receiving address. You can view the [Pay With] account and select the pay method.

2. Since there is insufficient MATIC in the created AA Wallet to pay the gas fee, we need to consider the other payment method. We will pay USDT as Gas Fee in this step.

Attention, you need to pay the Gas Fee for AA Wallet contract creation, please make sure you have enough assets to pay with.

  1. After the payment is completed, you can see that the number of transferred assets is the creation fee + the number of transferred assets, and when the next on-chain operation is executed, you can see that the fee is reduced by a part compared with the first on-chain operation.

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