Easy Inscription User Guide

  1. Open TokenPocket, click on the "Discover" menu at the bottom, switch to the category of "Inscription," and select "TP Inscription."

  1. The Inscription will automatically identify the network based on the blockchain you are currently using. Click on the "[Network Selection]" menu to choose and reconnect the wallet corresponding to the supported blockchain.

  1. The Inscription features a simple design, primarily divided into "[Text Data]" and "[Hexadecimal Data]." After entering text data in the input field below, it will automatically convert to hexadecimal data. Likewise, using hexadecimal data will display the corresponding text data, facilitating the input and casting of different data.

After clicking on "[Forge]," the wallet transaction interface will pop up. Once the execution is complete, the on-chain forging operation for the inscription will be successfully carried out.

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