TokenPocket Product Policy Adjustment Instructions

Dear users,

At present, the development of blockchain is still in the early stage. We can observe that various new concepts in the industry are constantly emerging, which is easy to breed various hype and scams. For ordinary users, it will be difficult to distinguish, resulting in asset loss.

Recently, in order to safeguard financial order and social stability, the top ten Chinese ministries and commissions jointly issued the " Notice on Further Preventing and Resolving the Risks of Virtual Currency Trading and Speculation", which clarified the nature of virtual currency and put forward clear prevention and control measures against illegal financial activities such as trading speculation, illegal operation, and financial fraud.

To embrace the regulatory policies of the user's home country, TokenPocket will remove the following third-party apps for users in China from now on, including but not limited to:

·DEX token swaps

·Staking mining, liquidity mining

·Lending, derivatives and other Dapps

At the same time, the whole DeFi data section and the news center will be removed.

TokenPocket is a self-custodial wallet for users. Users need to keep private keys and mnemonics in safe places by themselves, and understand the operation mechanism of blockchain only before they can safely try new technologies such as blockchain technology. In China, digital tokens are classified as virtual commodities, and users can hold and taste digital technology through digital wallets, but please be sure to guard against illegal activities such as hype, fraud, pyramid schemes, and money laundering that are packaged with blockchain and smart contract technology. TokenPocket will do its best to do safety identification and early warning to protect every user. TokenPocket will be committed to the industrialization of the blockchain technology industry, and continue to strive to do a good job in digital wallets.

TokenPocket will actively cooperate with regulation, increase vigilance and enhance management and publicity, resolutely investigate and monitor illegal third-party platform content. At the same time, TokenPocket will also contribute to the development of blockchain technology, actively promote the application of blockchain industry technology, overcome industrial challenges, develop core technologies, and bend over backwards to boost the infrastructure construction of the digital economy.

For now, there are many scams about downloading the so-called “international version of TokenPocket” in the market. TokenPocket hereby solemnly declares that TokenPocket does not have an "international version". Users should beware of being deceived. ​ Please note! TokenPocket is a self- custodial wallet for users, and the most important information such as private keys and mnemonics are stored on the user's device. In any case, TokenPocket will never ask you for private keys, mnemonics, etc.! TokenPocket will also not initiate any contact with you, and users do not trust any contact from anyone claiming to be "official"!

TokenPocket Team

2021.9.29 SGT

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