jito User Guide

About Jito

Jito is a liquidity staking service on Solana that allocates Maximum Extractable Value (MEV) rewards to holders. The Jito equity pool allows users to stake their Solana tokens in exchange for liquidity pool tokens (JitoSOL). JitoSOL tokens provide liquidity while earning staking rewards and MEV rewards.

Jito User Guide

  1. Open TokenPocket, click on "Discover," search for "Jito" in the top address bar, and open the DApp.

  1. Please read the Cookie Consent for the first use, click on【Accept All】to agree. After completion, click on【Connect】in the upper right corner and choose TokenPocket to connect your wallet.

  1. After successfully connecting the wallet, the default function is Stake. Simply enter the amount of SOL here, and the corresponding amount of JitoSOL will be automatically calculated. Finally, click on the bottom button "Deposit SOL," check "Agree to disclaimer" in the pop-up statement, and click "Continue."

  1. After completing the signature for the on-chain transaction, you will see a prompt indicating successful operation. Switching to the asset interface, you will be able to find the JitoSOL token already listed.

  1. If you need to unstake tokens, you can reopen Jito, switch to the "Unstake" menu, enter the quantity to unstake, execute "Unstake SOL," and after completing the on-chain operation, you can retrieve SOL. Other features of Jito can be accessed through the menu in the top left corner. For a comprehensive understanding of Jito's mechanics and rules, visit its official platform.

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