Version update log(Aug 9, 2023)

【Version Update】

Chrome: 1.1.17

【Version Update】

  1. Support the New Scan Protocol of cold wallet, optimizing the interaction between extension watch wallets and mobile cold wallets.

  2. Support token search functionality on the Asset page.

  3. Support EIP-1559 adaptation when linking KeyPal hardware wallet for transactions.

  4. Support checksum for EVM addresses.

  5. Support input data as text and automatically convert it to hexadecimal.

  6. Optimize users’ experience.

  7. Fix the issue of delayed asset balance updates.

【Version update method】‌

  1. The downloaded version from the Google Play Store will be automatically updated after a while. Or you can directly update on the Extensions page.

2. Download the latest installation package and add TokenPocket Extension Wallet to your extension installation.


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