Version update log (September 3rd, 2021)

[Version update details] 1. Assets page supports DeFi data display 2. Upgrade the security tips in the wallet 3. The Polkadot series: support to add custom network 4. TORN: Supports to add custom token 5. Support the resolution of DAS's domain name 6. Upgrade sharing function

[Details of version update]

Android: 1.3.2.

iOS: pro 3.1.2(93).

App Store: 1.6.3

[Detailed explanation of part of the update]

1. How to view Defi data?

1) After updating the latest version, click the [Assets] page, and then click [DeFi] to view the data of the DeFi protocol currently in use;

2) Take Pippi Shrimp as an example, click [Pippi Shrimp], you can view the current fund status and liquidity;

3) Click [Enter DApp], and click the jump popup [I got it] to enter the official Pippi Shrimp interface.

2. Upgrade the security tips in the wallet

1) Add security reminder when you enter the page of the Export private key;

2) When exporting the private key, the private key QR code and the express private key can be displayed on the same page; click [Show QR code of the private key] to display;

3. Support [Report] risk token function;

1) Click on a token, click on [Token Details], and click on the [Report] button; select the reason for the report to report the risk token;

Note: Please describe the risk information of the token correctly, and TokenPocket will check it!

2) The address of the contract marked as risk token will give a risk warning during the transfer process;

4. Support the reporting [risk] link function;

1) Enter the link address, click [...] on the upper right, and click the [Report] button to enter the report page; select the reason for the report to report the risk link;

Note: Please describe the link risk information correctly, TokenPocket will check it!

2) If it is marked as [Risk Link] or [Fraud Link], it will be prompted on the link access page;

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