TokenPocket Gas Station User Agreement

TokenPocket gas station is a service that provides a small amount of digital asset to help users to solve the congestion of the blockchain network or insufficient resources for transferring. Users who use this service need to comply with the following user agreement :

1. Before using this services, you should read this agreement carefully. If you do not understand or other confusion, please consult a professional lawyer. If you do not agree to this agreement and/or amend it at any time, please stop using the services immediately or no longer log in to this services. Once you log in to this services, use any services of it, or any other similar behavior, you have understood and fully agreed with the contents of this agreement, including any modifications made by this product to this agreement at any time.

2. The digital assets you purchase using this service can only be used to pay transfer fees and / or resource fees;

3. There are risks in the digital asset market, and you need to bear all risks and losses yourself when using this service;

3. It is forbidden to use this service to engage in any illegal transaction activities or illegal acts such as money laundering, smuggling, commercial bribery, etc. If any suspected illegal transaction or illegal act is found, the TokenPocket Foundation will take all available means, including but not limited to freezing the account , notify the relevant authorities, etc., we do not assume all the responsibilities arising therefrom and reserve the right to hold accountable from the relevant person.

4. Users should follow the laws and regulations of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing in the countries or regions where they are located, and implement the provisions of this guide within the scope of laws in the region where the user is located. If the country or region where the user is located has stricter requirements, the regulations shall be followed.

5. The TokenPocket Foundation has the right to refuse to provide services for users who may be involved in risky behaviors such as money laundering, and requires users to provide relevant KYC information and materials to verify whether the behavior is legal.

6. You agree not to engage in or participate in any activities that harm the interests of this service or the company at any time, regardless of whether they are related to this services.

7. This agreement only restricts the rights and obligations relationship between you and the company, and does not involve the legal relationship and legal disputes between users of this service, its related products, other products and you due to digital asset transactions.

8. TokenPocket Foundation reserves the final interpretation of this agreement.

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