IOST Use Guide( Activation Code Creation)

Currently, TokenPocket only supports IOST on the Android platform. TP Wallet has not yet added support for the IOST network, and it is not possible to create an IOST wallet through custom network settings at the moment.

How to create an IOST wallet.

  1. Open TokenPocket and click on the first icon in the upper right corner, which is labeled "Add Wallet." In the search bar for single-network wallets, type in "IOST" for a quick search.

  1. Click on the IOST public chain, and depending on your specific situation, you can either "Create Wallet" or "Import Wallet." For the purposes of this tutorial, let's choose to create a wallet. Click on "Create Wallet" and select "Paid Creation."

  1. The IOST account consists of 5 to 11 characters, including lowercase letters, numbers, and _. You can set it according to your preferences or click on the "Random Account" button on the interface. After setting the account, enter the password and input the "Activation Code." Then, click on "Create Wallet."

In the prompt for the backup mnemonic phrase, you can click on "Advanced Settings" to create a wallet using the Passphrase method. In simple terms, a Passphrase wallet requires both the correct mnemonic phrase and the correct password for management, and both are necessary.

  1. After successfully backing up and verifying the mnemonic phrase, you will reach the account creation interface. Here, click on "Start Using" to activate the account.

  1. The creation process takes about 2 minutes. Once completed, you will see a prompt on the interface. Click on "Understood" to finish the creation of the IOST wallet.

How to acquire IOST

  1. Open TokenPocket and select a wallet address that holds tokens, for example, choose the BSC wallet. On the wallet's homepage, click on "Swap," then use USDT on the BSC chain to exchange for IOST. Simply choose the desired tokens for exchange, meet the minimum exchange quantity, select a non-exchange receiving address, and finally click on "Confirm Swap."

  1. On the transaction details page, after verifying that the information is correct, click on "Confirm," enter your password, and patiently wait for the cross-chain exchange to complete. The process shouldn't take too long.

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