TokenPocket Approval Detector Use Guide

  1. Open TokenPocket, click [Discover], and enter Approval Detector or copy and paste on the search bar.

2. Approval Detector will directly connect to your current network. You can enter your wallet address to query.

Approval Detector now supports querying the tokens and NFTs' approvals, you can also switch to the dark mode.

What you can query through Approval Detector?

1) The approved contract address and you can click to view the on-chain data.

2) Approval Amount. (Usually, the default is unlimited.)

3) Approval Time.

4) The approval hash, you can click to view the on-chain data.

3. When you click [Cancel Approval], a reminder of executing the approval operation will pop up. Click [Next], and click [Transfer].

Attention, any operation on-chain needs to pay the gas fee, and it's charged by the public chain.

4. After you confirmed the transaction, you will see the [Unapproving] reminder, when the data execution is completed, the a will be automatically cleared.

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