How to check/cancel Approve?

Approve means authorization. It allows users who hold tokens to authorize a certain amount to a specified account by calling the Approve method, giving the account the right to freely spend the Token within the quota. If authorized to malicious accounts, then authorized assets will be extremely risky.

At the beginning of this tutorial, please click the below link to know more about Approve.

About Approve


1. Open [], and then enter your wallet address and enter the page of “Account”, click [Approval] and you can check the approval;

2. In the [Apprvoal List], you can check the approval;

3. Click [Cancel], since TRON needs to use the TronLink to cancel approval, please follow the TronLink guidelines after clicking to cancel approval.

4. How to confirm the malicious approval address?

Malicious approval addresses have the following characteristics:

1. Unknown airdrop lure;

Open an approved address, click [Token Balances], and click a token at any point; and then click [Token Transfer];

In some transfers, the thief will attach a note and use the airdrop as bait to allow you to exchange it through a third-party DApp. This is the most common way to obtain user approval, please take care! ! Don't believe in any airdrops from unknown sources!

2. Approved address to issue multiple tokens of same types;

After checking the approved address, it was found that multiple TRC10 tokens issued by this address are as follows:

There are so many TRC10 tokens that cannot be exchanged in Swap. They must be used for other purposes. Click on the tokens one by one to get the following content, the answer is obvious.

Note: In addition, there is also a scammer who uses a fake payment interface to transfer money with users, and uses Approve to achieve the purpose of stealing money. Therefore, you must be cautious in dealing with others.

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