Master the authorization management authority of DApp (BSC)

The usage of CoinTool tool: The use of CoinTool is very simple, adapting to PC and mobile terminals, the following uses the TP wallet platform to demonstrate the operation:

  1. Open the TP wallet, click [Discover], search for [Cointool] at the top and select the tool to open the BSC chain.

2. When open the DApp at the first time, you will need to [Unlock Wallet], here you only need to click to unlock the wallet to automatically connect. The address of the search window will open the DApp wallet address by default, and click the "→" arrow to scan the authorization record.

3. After viewing the authorization result, one thing to note here is that DApp will show that “please CoinTool. App Have a cup of coffee (0.09BNB)”. This is according to the user's own situation to choose. For example, I just unchecked it. In the search result interface, you can see that the authorization has been executed. The number of authorizations here is large and unlimited, so the risk is relatively high by default (not necessarily that the project has a high risk); click [Revoke] to pop up the authorization window to complete the authorization.

4. After the cancellation is successful, you will see the top prompt. In order to verify whether the execution is successful, we will use the TPT tokens that have just been canceled to verify. As shown in the figure below, you can see the [Approve TPT option], indicating that the cancellation of the authorization is executed successfully (only Approve will be prompted for the first operation).

Other alternatives:

The DApp used in the above tutorial is a three-party application. If you are more picky about using DApp, you can choose to use the official authorization management tool provided by the BSC browser. First, I will provide you with a simple display:

1. Open the BSC block explorer: click [Misc]-[Token Approvals].

2. Fill in your BSC address in the search bar and click search.

3. If you are prompted to [Connect Wallet] without logging in to the WEB wallet, you can click the edit function on the right to cancel the authorization of the DApp only after logging in.

The above two methods of managing DApp authorization have their own advantages and disadvantages. Cointool’s advantage is that the mobile end adaptability is better, but the authorization content displayed is not detailed enough. The Token Approvals search results are more detailed, but the adaptability on the mobile end is not so convenient. You need to drag the window to view the complete information. You can choose flexibly according to your actual situation.

This tutorial is only for the DApp in the wallet side of the operation guide, does not represent the investment advice of TokenPocket. Investing involves risks, you should be fully aware of the risks and make your own investment decisions.

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