How to participate in voting.

After participating in staking, you will receive corresponding voting rights. Therefore, these voting rights can be used to vote for super representatives to obtain corresponding rewards.

  1. Open TokenPocket and click on "More Tools," then select "Voting Management." If you are using the TP Wallet version, you can directly open the voting interface by entering the address through the DApp browser. [Link:​] In the voting interface, you can view your wallet's account information, including the TRX balance, voting rights, pending reward claims, and other details.

  1. To vote, you need to scroll the super representative list at the bottom to the far right, click the "+" button to increase the number of votes, and then click "Vote" after confirming the information. Enter your password to complete the voting process. You can choose the super representative to vote for based on different yields or other factors.

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