Fake Walmart/Amazon Platform Scams

Recently, we have noticed some scams carried out in the name of Walmart and Amazon, unfortunately affecting some users. These scams exploit people's trust in these well-known brands and their incomplete understanding of blockchain technology. As TokenPocket, user fund security is our top priority. Therefore, we feel it's essential to provide you with the necessary security knowledge to help you identify and avoid these scams.Detailed Scam Analysis:

Detailed Scam Analysis

  1. Fake Rebate Scam Mechanism

  • Counterfeit Platform: Scammers create fake Walmart or Amazon platforms.

  • False Promises: Scammers promise unusually high returns or rebates for depositing funds on these platforms.

  • Investment Lure: Users are enticed to deposit funds, typically through transfers to specified addresses.

  • Worthless Tokens: The so-called rebates users receive are worthless tokens, unexchangeable or tradable in any legitimate exchanges.

  • Misleading Users: When users realize they have yet to receive rewards and try to contact the platform, they are falsely told that the rewards were sent but not received due to wallet issues. This is a tactic to deflect attention and confuse users; these tokens are not legitimately transferable or tradable.

  1. Task Completion Reward Scam Mechanism

  • Fake Task Setup: Users are induced to complete specific tasks on these fake platforms.

  • Reward Temptation: Scammers promise certain rewards after task completion, typically in cryptocurrency.

  • Unfreezing Funds Trap: When users attempt to withdraw rewards, scammers claim blockchain instability or TokenPocket account instability as reasons, asking users to deposit funds to unfreeze accounts or withdraw rewards. Technically, the blockchain is very stable, and there's no such thing as "blockchain instability" or TokenPocket wallet "instability".

  • Abuse of Authorization Mechanisms: After users deposit funds as instructed, scammers use the permissions granted during the transaction process to withdraw funds from the users' wallets.

Raising Security Awareness

Raising Security Awareness:

As a responsible digital wallet provider, TokenPocket is committed to offering secure services. We emphasize that there is no "instability" issue with TokenPocket wallets. We encourage users to protect themselves by:

  • Verifying Information Sources: Always verify the authenticity of platforms through official channels before participating in any investments or tasks.

  • Exercising Caution in Investments: Do not trust and invest just because a well-known brand's name is used. Renowned brands will not ask for deposits through informal channels.

  • Maintaining Rationality and Vigilance: Be wary of any opportunities that promise high returns or seem too good to be true.

  • Understanding and Cautiously Granting Permissions: In blockchain transactions, granting permissions is a crucial step. Do not grant permission lightly to any third party unless you fully understand and trust them.


If you encounter similar fake Walmart/Amazon platforms, please contact us, and we will mark them as dangerous links!

We reiterate that protecting your asset security is our top priority. If you have any questions about the TokenPocket wallet or need assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Email: service@tokenpocket.pro

TokenPocket Telegram group: https://t.me/tokenPocket_en

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