How to create TRON wallets in bulk

Batch creation requires the use of a wallet created or imported with secret recovery phrases. TokenPocket now supports batch creation of sub-wallets for EVM-based public chains and the TRON public chain. This tutorial demonstrates the process using the TRON Chain.

Bulk Tutorial Creation:

  1. Open the TRON wallet in TokenPocket, click on the upper right corner of the blue card "Details," and on the wallet details page, click on "Advanced Mode" and select "Create Sub Wallet."

  1. In the wallet list, you can view the historical records of previously created sub-wallets. Click on "Generate New Wallet" and select "Add Wallets in Bulk."

  1. When adding wallets in bulk, you can add up to 200 addresses at a time and can do so in multiple batches. Simply click "Confirm" and enter your password to create them successfully. The creation records can be viewed in the wallet list.

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