Version Update (May 25th, 2023)

The Latest Version】


Android: 1.7.5

iOS Version Update】

  • Support WalletConnect V2

  • Support manage transaction for EVM networks

  • Support local transaction records for EVM networks

  • Support accelerate or cancel the pending transactions for EVM networks

  • Support input data for EVM networks transfers

  • Transaction records include irreversible block confirmations

  • Add support for Hindi and Japanese languages

  • Support Klaytn

  • Tron Network add fee prompts

  • Support SPACE ID domain resolution for Arbitrum

【Android Version Update method】

1. Update from the Wallet application.

2. Update from Google Play, Samsung, Huawei store

【iOS Version download method】‌

Download from APP Store, enter [TP Wallet] on the search bar, and the developer is [TP Global Ltd.]

(The developer downloaded in App Store before October 8, 2022 is TOKENPOCKET FOUNDATION LTD, an early version developed by TokenPocket, which is also a legitimate wallet can be used normally, and the update service will be suspended later.)

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